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Sitexplora is an advanced SEO tool that offers development suggestions based on in-site optimization criteria. And it's free!


Sitexplora uses the most powerful infrastructure in the field. Services and infrastructures we use;

Real-time Overview

Stop using hundreds of different tools,Sitexplora collects them in place and offers you prioritized so that you only have to follow the steps.


You can see the quality of your site in the eye of Google on each keyword, and you can improve and track the change instantly. Get to know Google's next decision about your site instantly!

Technical Overview

Technically, it allows you to improve your performance step by step by ranking all of your SEO needs in order of importance. You can make controlled progress.

  • You can update instantaneous improvements in each word individually or collectively.
  • You can share the project with the developer or a team member to make improvements.
  • You can also include missed user searches by reviewing new word suggestions.
  • You can follow the detailed control of your site under all SEO criteria.
  • Get support from experts and access customized reports about your site.

With the schema generator, you can apply enhanced search results for your site, where your site can be viewed on Google in 14 different types.

You'll be able to complete your content in a few steps and make your content stand out in many different types of Google results, such as Breadcrumb, starred results, product, listing, and listing frequently asked questions.

More Optimization

Get the most accurate policy estimates for you. With Sitexplora, you can make a preliminary search for your website and share it with your teammates or with your friends.

You can achieve 80% of SEO performance with Sitexplora alone

Sitexplora has been prepared in line with the consultancy of SEO experts who have been serving in the industry for more than 10 years and offers the 80% SEO requirement you need alone.

  • Maximize your visibility in SEO as soon as possible with link compliance.
  • Check your site's performance against all SEO criteria with Checklist.
  • With index check, you can check the indexing status of your links in Google results in the most practical way.
  • With the schema builder, you can increase your visibility in search results by using the listing structure appropriate to the content richness of your site.

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Get the most accurate policy estimates for you. With Sitexplora, you can make a preliminary search for your website and share it with your teammates or with your friends.

Keep up to date with your site and industry with instant magazines.

With defined filters, you can get instant information about any kind of change. In this way, you can follow your site and sector closely without missing any change.

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Our main motivation is to see our contribution to your growth.

Take the Lead in Competition

Sitexplora, which has been created with the experience of the team that has achieved success in hundreds of projects with a 10-year history of the SEO sector, will accompany you step by step to reach the summit.